Labour’s Dirty Trick Department “Hope Not Hate” get it wrong (again)

Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate (Labour’s Dirty Tricks Department) said on his blog “Perhaps the most interesting single election will be that for the Mayor of Doncaster. The incumbant, Peter Davies, was elected as an English Democrat, but recently became an independent. We have learnt that UKIP are hoping that he will stand for them, which, if he does, then the English Democrats  have little chance of recapturing it.

Just as interestingly is whether the BNP or BDP will stand candidates and if they do whether they will make any impression on the vote.”

Hmm……………… Nick from Labour’s Dirty Trick Department got it wrong, once again.

Peter Davies is standing as an independent

The English Democrats are in prime position to win again in Doncaster with their superb candidate David Allen

The BNP is not standing.


What a silly nick you are ……………….. have you thought about tidying up your sock draw ?


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