6ft 5 – Transsexual? Lesbian? “Extremist” – who calls others extreme ? Meet MEP Nikki Sinclaire

NIKKI SINCLAIRE MEP – DEVIOUS, DISHONOURABLE AND HYPOCRITICAL?                   NIKKI SINCLAIRE MEP – DEVIOUS, DISHONOURABLE AND HYPOCRITICAL? One of the “interesting” issues that arose over the on/off affair of Mike Nattrass was that the UKIP defector, Nikki Sinclaire MEP, issued a press release and blog item attacking the English Democrats in wild and … Continue reading

Old Nattrass Fruit Cake

THE NATTRASS HOKEY COKEY                                                        THE MIKE NATTRASS HOKEY COKEY In the run up to our annual conference and AGM we had rather a strange incident in which the ex-UKIP MEP, Mike Nattrass, who does seem to be a genuine convert to English nationalism, contradicted my press release welcoming him in joining the … Continue reading

English Democrats adopt “English Independence” Policy at 2013 Autumn Conference – Leicestershire

Independence for England  The English Democrats believe that England should again be an independent nation state and we will campaign to that end. The English Democrats demand that a referendum be held for the People of England to decide whether England should become independent again and cede from the United Kingdom and the European Union.


BREAKING NEWS – MEP, MIKE NATTRASS (ex UKIP)  MOVES TO THE ENGLISH DEMOCRATS   West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass has announced that he wishes to join the English Democrats, the only party that wants England to be independent of the EU.    Mike Nattrass will be standing as the English Democrats’ Lead Candidate for the … Continue reading

UKIP at war as dumped MEP threatens to take on ‘prat’ Farage

NF the Nigel Farage Party UKIP

UKIP at war as dumped MEP threatens to take on ‘prat’ Farage September 2, 2013UncategorizedUKIP From here. Civil war has broken out in UKIP as deselected West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass branded leader Nigel Farage a ‘prat’ and threatened to spill the eurosceptic party’s secrets. He also accused Mr Farage of rigging selection contests for next … Continue reading

I am an Englishman …………… if you are English you will enjoy this speech. (Made in 2001)

I am an Englishman “… from a BBC programme called NCS Manhunt, features a speech by a man called Laurence Bright, played by the excellent Marc Warren. It was originally aired on March 12, 2001, and the summary says: “It becomes clear that the crimes are racially motivated, and the team uncovers a secretive right-wing … Continue reading


Garry Bushell - What it means to be English

THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN ENGLAND   Garry Bushell “There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is ENGLAND.” – Sir Winston Churchill HOW would it play in Dublin if a senior Irish politician demanded that the country stopped celebrating St Patrick’s Day because of … Continue reading