Rumour – Nick Griffin leader of the BNP has been declared bankrupt (2 Jan 2014)

Rumour – Nick Griffin leader of the BNP has been declared bankrupt (2 Jan 2014)

Nick GrffinSeveral websites  are reporting that Nick Griffin, leader of what remains of the BNP, has today been declared bankrupt.

Can anyone confirm if these rumours are true ?

The details are reported as follows:-

The landmark hearing occurred today at 11.00 am in the Welshpool County Court.

Welshpool and Newtown County Court

The Mansion House
24 Severn Street
Welshpool Powys
SY21 7UX

Griffin declared himself as without assets and offered to pay 42p in the £ over 5 years to all his creditors – the balance to be written off.  This was rejected by the petitioning creditor.

Deputy District Judge Fox dismissed Griffin’s application and then proceeded to deal with the bankruptcy petition, which he granted.

Lawrence McDonald, counsel for the petitioning creditor, referred to the filed BNP accounts as being healthy.

The Judge was satisfied with the petition and declared Griffin bankrupt.

In an earlier hearing on 6th Feb 2013, Griffin had been ordered to pay what amounted to nearly £120,000 in outstanding moneys and costs to one of his or the Party’s creditors.  Griffin’s habit of procrastination is thought to have contributed as much as £60,000 of this sum.

In a separate move, it is understood there is an application to obtain an attachment of Griffin’s earnings at the European Parliament. This would mean his parliamentary  salary will be docked in part settlement of his debts.  His Parliamentary salary is attachable before the expected loss of his seat in the European Elections.

Bankruptcy in England and Wales is governed by Part IX  of the Insolvency Act 1986 (as amended) and by the Insolvency Rules 1986 (as amended). The term bankruptcy applies only to individuals, not to companies or other legal entities.

An individual may be made bankrupt only by court order following the presentation of a bankruptcy petition. An individual may present his own petition on the ground that he is insolvent, i.e. unable to pay his debts. A creditor or creditors may also petition for a bankruptcy order to be made against an individual debtor.

There is, however, a question mark as to whether Griffin will be permitted to retain his seat.  In the UK, an MP who is declared bankrupt may no longer sit in the Commons and the same rule is expected to apply to a British MEP in the European Parliament if a Bankruptcy restrictions order is made by the Court under the Enterprise Act 2002.



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