Nick Griffin causes the destruction of the BNP through his own actions

Nick Griffin causes the destruction of the BNP through his own actions

2nd BNP Officer likely to become Bankrupt

This morning in Court 57 of the Royal Courts of Justice, Nick Griffin and Simon Darby faced another costs hearing, resulting from their long-running civil actions against several expelled former BNP officials – Kenny Smith, Nicholla Ritchie (now Mrs Smith), Steve Blake and Ian Dawson.

Darby and Griffin lost the final stage of the case in December 2010, and lost their subsequent appeal.

Darby Griffin

Griffin and Darby were ordered to pay the costs of Mr and Mrs Smith and Messrs Blake and Dawson.  After some postponement, a first instalment of £45,000 was eventually paid, though not before Sheriff’s officers had visited Nick Griffin’s house and removed a car.

Today they were ordered to pay an additional instalment of £22,500 within 28 days. Since Nick Griffin is bankrupt, Simon Darby is now seriously at risk of being made bankrupt if the money is not paid.

BNP Bullet holes Logo

Another costs hearing in the case is now scheduled for Friday 21st March.  This is to allow the Official Receiver, who is now in charge of Nick Griffin’s affairs, to make representations if he so wishes.  The total costs bill in this case is likely to be more than £130,000 (in addition to Griffin and Darby’s own costs), of which only £45,000 has been paid so far, so that c. £90,000 is claimed over and above the £45,000 paid on account of which £22,500 is payable now.

Griffin’s and Darby’s lawyers had offered £5,000 in full and final settlement of the £90,000 claimed which caused irritation.

Anyone considering making a donation to the British National Party should be aware that – contrary to Nick Griffin’s assertions – party funds are unlikely to be safe from Griffin and Darby’s creditors in this and other cases.  Today’s long running case (though the largest) is only one of several legal liabilities confronting Griffin and his party.

Nick Griffin did not attend court today, although Simon Darby and BNP treasurer Clive Jefferson did.  Surprisingly, the well known nationalist magazine, Heritage and Destiny, was the only media organisation represented.

Jefferson‘s presence suggests that it is has been realised that the party will have to pay this debt or a receiver of its funds will be appointed. Griffin and Darby brought the claim on behalf of all the members of the BNP, so it is a party debt.


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