Desperate “Conservative Supporting” Kentish Newspaper Group Falsify “on-line poll”

Desperate “Conservative Supporting” Kentish Newspaper Group Falsify “on-line poll”

English Passport, was asked to investigate the only “on-line poll” being hosted by the “Archant group” who produce a number of Local Newspapers in Kent, and also publish their articles on-line.

The poll can be found HERE, and the on-line article indicates that this poll will be published the Sunday before the election on 5 May 2016.

English activists, complained that even though numerous activists had clicked to support Steve Uncles in his bid to become Kent Police Commissioner, the bar chart representing Steve Uncles of  the English Democrats, stubbornly stayed at 2%.

English Passport, went to the page in question and right clicked to look at the source code at approximately 17:30 today.

The source code was screen captured below:- - Falseify On-Line Poll No 1.1 untimed

The votes given to each candidate can be seen mid table (aria-valuenow), with the result to graphically displayed in the table on the far right of the table (width).

For some reason, the Steve Uncles total has been limited in the width section to “2%”

English Passport has calculated the resulting percentages of the “on-line poll” was working correctly.

The result is displayed below. - Falseify On-Line Poll No 2

If this result occurred on Thursday May 5, then the top two candidates going through to the second round would be Steve Uncles (EngDem) and Tristan Osborne (Labour)

Why would a Kentish Conservative supporting Newspaper Group falsify the on-line poll in this way ?


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