Conservatives heading for humiliation in 2016 Kent Police Commissioner Election

Conservatives heading for humiliation in 2016 Kent Police Commissioner Election

The latest data from the Alexa Traffic Rankings for Web Sites for the 2016 Kent Police Commissioner Elections are very sad reading for the Conservative party in Kent and their Candidate “Scott”.

It shows that from 1 January 2016, until 28 January 2016 the Scott 4 Kent Campaign by the Conservatives matched the Steve Uncles – English Democrats 2016 Kent Police Commissioner Campaign, however by the beginning of February 2016, the “Steve Uncles” campaign, was moving swiftly forward up the Alexa Web Traffic rankings, so much so that by the 9 March 2016, the Scott 4 Kent Campaign, had decided to de-register their web site from any 3rd party statistical software gathering, as can be seen in the screen capture below.

Alexa Web Site Rankings - Kent 2016 PCC




The current rankings as at the 26 April 2016, show that the “Steve Uncles Campaign” has a commanding lead over the rest of the candidates as follows:- 3,166,372 13,797,626 16,985,949 19,015,462

The Liberal Democrat and Conservative Campaigns don’t even now register a result.

All very concerning for Conservative Party head office.

One Response to “Conservatives heading for humiliation in 2016 Kent Police Commissioner Election”
  1. Steve Uncles says:

    Reblogged this on Steve Uncles – English Democrats and commented:

    Maybe David Cameron should have distributed the Police Commissioner Booklets to all households, rather then waste the 9 Million on the EU referendum, for Booklets printed in Germany !

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