…. and then there were six Candidates for 2016 Kent Police Commissioner Elections

Six Candidates for Kent Police Commissioner Elections in 2016 The 2016 Kent Police Commissioner Elections are now likely to be totally over shadowed by the EU Referendum,  being held on Thursday 5 May 2016. As in 2012, there look like there will be 6 Candidates in alphabetically order:-   1/ Ann Barnes (Independent) .. with … Continue reading

Ann “Chuckles” Barnes – Kent’s Police & Commissioner for Silly Walks

Ann Chuckles Barnes - Kent Police & Crime Commisioner & Silly Walks

Ann “Chuckles” Barnes – Kent’s Police & Commissioner for Silly Walks Stupid, Big Gobbed Police Youth ‘Tsar’ Turns Out to be Stupid and Big Gobbed Having a big cry will make it all go away. It works every time with Mum. It’s all laughter at the Crimebodge offices as we revel in the delightful outpourings … Continue reading