BBC – English nationalism ‘is a threat to UK’

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BBC – English nationalism ‘is a threat to UK’ Following the upsurge in English Nationalism, the two main British Political parties have been commenting. Cross-party politicians have warned of growing English nationalism following devolution, airing their views to the BBC Former Home Secretary Jack Straw says the English had used their “propensity to violence to … Continue reading

Defining Englishness

Defining Englishness By Tanja Bueltmann The existing historiography on ethnic groups in North America and the wider British World documents an absent or weak diasporic or ethnic identity among the English. While the major recent academic study of English identity recognises the importance of Empire in the shaping of identity, it does not explore Englishness … Continue reading

No way back for England – either English Independence or Federal UK

UK Breakdown - English Independence

No way back for England – either English Independence or Federal UK   by David Another way to address the question of the constitutional options that should be put to all the nations of the UK at the same time as a Scottish referendum on independence for Scotland (see previous post) is to say that … Continue reading

English NOT British

English NOT British England 1 Great Britain 4

English NOT British I’m not alone in feeling English, not British. Englishness is not the preserve of the right ‘My mother was half-English and I am half-English too,” sings Billy Bragg on England, Half English. He has more idea about what he is than I do. My father was American, my grandad Cherokee, my mother … Continue reading

UKIP member calls on UKIP to become an English Nationalist Party like the English Democrats

English Democrats driving the English Nationalist Bus

UKIP member calls on UKIP to become an English Nationalist Party like the English Democrats by Stuart Parr Left wing think tank, IPPR, has produced a follow-up to the one released in January 2012 which documented the rise in English identity and warned that ignoring the disadvantages that England faces as a result of asymmetric … Continue reading

English threat to the tired British Establishment

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English threat to the tired British Establishment Leicester Mercury The recently published 2011 Census results showed Leicestershire had 440,955 people (67.8 per cent) who stated they had only an English national identity and a further 64,948 (10 per cent) who stated their national identity was English and British. It was a mere 106,906 (16.4 per … Continue reading