Toni Bugle is winning the Social Media Campaign in Bedfordshire, whilst Liberal Democrats & Labour fight it out for 2nd Place.

Bedfordshire English Police - Toni Bugle - More Police

Toni Bugle is winning the Social Media Campaign in Bedfordshire, whilst Liberal Democrats & Labour fight it out for 2nd Place. With the Bedfordshire Police Commissioner Elections kicked off in Bedfordshire, English Passport thought it would take a look into the 5 Social Media Campaigns for the 5 Candidates, with no free leaflet drop, then … Continue reading

Rotherham Parliamentary Constituency Candidates 2015

Rotherham - Election 2015

Rotherham Parliamentary Constituency Candidates 2015 The constituency consists of Census Output Areas of one local government district: a working population whose income is on average slightly below the national average and close to average reliance upon social housing. At the end of 2012 the unemployment rate in the constituency stood at 7% and 9.6% male … Continue reading

Sheffield South East Parliamentary Constituency Candidates 2015

Sheffield South East Parliamentary Constituency Candidates 2015 As mentioned above, Labour majorities since 1935 have been substantial, meaning the area is potentially one of that party’s safe seats. In 2010 the closest runner-up was from the Liberal Democrat candidate.

Southend West Parliamentary Constituency Candidates 2015

Southend West - Election 2015

Southend West Parliamentary Constituency Candidates 2015 Because four members of the Guinness family have held the seat (or its predecessor, Southend) it has been dubbed in political analyses in the media as “Guinness-on-Sea”. It is currently represented by David Amess, previously MP for Basildon.

Stevenage Parliamentary Constituency Candidates 2015

Stevenage, Hertfordshire - Election 2015

Stevenage Parliamentary Constituency Candidates 2015 The main town is known for its fast rail links to London and proximity to Luton Airport which accompanies a few headquarters of global businesses based in the seat. Workless claimants, registered jobseekers, were in November 2012 higher than the national average of 3.8%, and eastern regional average of 3.2%, … Continue reading

Wentworth & Dearne Parliamentary Constituency Candidates 2015

Wentworth & Dearne - Election 2015

Wentworth & Dearne Parliamentary Constituency Candidates 2015 The South Yorkshire settlements grew in the seat into primarily large town size developments from the large presence of coal leading to extensive mining in this area, coupled with convenient proximity to Sheffield, the canals and rivers network, as well as to Doncaster, York, Wakefield and Leeds. As … Continue reading

Weston-Super-Mare Parliamentary Constituency Candidates 2015

Weston-Super-Mare - Election 2015

Weston-Super-Mare Parliamentary Constituency Candidates 2015 The town grew as a relatively late-Victorian affluent resort with many green spaces and gardens south of the headland, Sand Point which denotes the sandier beach of the town and of Burnham on Sea relative to northerly shores such as at Clevedon. Work in tourism and visitor attractions is seasonal … Continue reading

Harlow Parliamentary Constituency Candidates

Harlow, Essex - Election 2015

Harlow Parliamentary Constituency Candidates The seat has been a bellwether since the result in 1983. Included are above county-average levels of social housing, underemployment and unemployment as at the 2001 census and the associated 2000 Index of Multiple Deprivation however the new town has brought growth sustained in part by more commuting with an increasingly-used … Continue reading

Brentwood & Ongar Parliamentary Constituency Candidates

Brentwood & Ongar  - Election 2015

Brentwood & Ongar Parliamentary Constituency Candidates Created in 1974, the seat has been held by the incumbent, “Fat Man”  Eric Pickles, since the General Election in 1992. The Liberal Democrats amassed their largest share of the vote in 1992 (including results for their two predecessor parties). At the 2010 election their candidate was second-placed with … Continue reading

Nick Clegg calls for an “IN/OUT EU Referendum” – “What the British People really want !”

Nick Clegg - it's time for a referendum on the EU

Nick Clegg calls for an “IN/OUT EU Referendum” – “What the British People really want !” Nick Clegg gives a press conference at the EU headquarters in Brussels. Photograph: Getty Images. With David Cameron still away in the US, it’s Nick Clegg who will man the dispatch box at PMQs this week, and we can … Continue reading