First UKIP MEP resigns over Farage-Gate

Louise Bours resigns over Nigel Farage

First UKIP MEP resigns over Farage-Gate A row has erupted at the top of UKIP over Nigel Farage’s future resulting in the departure of two senior advisers, and now a UKIP MEP – Louise Bours. Matthew Richardson quit the party after MEP Patrick O’Flynn claimed Mr Farage had fallen under the influence of “inexperienced” advisers. … Continue reading

Five ‘Barmy’ British UKIP MEPs Ditched After Nigel Farage Clearout

Nigel Farage - British UKIP - Barmy

Five of British Ukip’s MEPs will not stand for re-election in May as leader Nigel Farage launches a clearout of “extremist, nasty or barmy” views from the party ahead of the polls. In an interview with the Sun on Sunday, Mr Farage said new criteria to assess the performance of his party’s 13 members of … Continue reading

Rumour – Nick Griffin leader of the BNP has been declared bankrupt (2 Jan 2014)

Rumour – Nick Griffin leader of the BNP has been declared bankrupt (2 Jan 2014) Several websites  are reporting that Nick Griffin, leader of what remains of the BNP, has today been declared bankrupt. Can anyone confirm if these rumours are true ? The details are reported as follows:- The landmark hearing occurred today at 11.00 … Continue reading

Ex-UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire kills off her/his political career – she was once a “Lady Boy”

British UKIP and Nigel Farage

MEP Nikki Sinclaire kills off her/his political career By Press Association An MEP has revealed she is Britain’s first “sex change parliamentarian”, having undergone gender reassignment surgery more than 20 years ago. In a new autobiography about her political journey, Nikki Sinclaire, 45, writes for the first time about her “great secret” of growing up … Continue reading


Mike Nattrass Banner

BREAKING NEWS – MEP, MIKE NATTRASS (ex UKIP)  MOVES TO THE ENGLISH DEMOCRATS   West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass has announced that he wishes to join the English Democrats, the only party that wants England to be independent of the EU.    Mike Nattrass will be standing as the English Democrats’ Lead Candidate for the … Continue reading