Mayor falls at last fence of re-election campaign in Doncaster

Mayor falls at last fence of re-election campaign in Doncaster English Passport has been informed that the incumbent Mayor, the deluded Mr Peter Davies, failed to show at the BBC arranged hustings in Doncaster yesterday. Either Peter Davies believes that he has already won the election or he has simply given up, those monitoring his … Continue reading

The Doncaster Dunce

Peter Davies the Doncaster Dunce

Labour’s Dirty Trick Department “Hope Not Hate” get it wrong (again)

Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate (Labour’s Dirty Tricks Department) said on his blog “Perhaps the most interesting single election will be that for the Mayor of Doncaster. The incumbant, Peter Davies, was elected as an English Democrat, but recently became an independent. We have learnt that UKIP are hoping that he will stand for … Continue reading