Vote British UKIP GET British Conservatives as Nigel Farage does deal with David Cameron

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ENGLISH AND UK POLITICS GET MORE BIZARRE BY THE HOUR What a nice man to have as the head of a political party in Scotland. He clearly thinks even less of us than Mrs Lamont, who says we all want something for nothing. Ms Davidson  is no better. She thinks that 75% of us depend … Continue reading

Is the United Kingdom Independence Party going down the toilet ?

Is the United Kingdom Independence Party going down the toilet ? By Iain Martin Politics The Ukip leader, yesterday Do you remember Nigel Farage? Politically incorrect chap in a pinstripe suit, covert coat, cigarette, pint of ale in hand? We’re not quite at the stage where the leader of Ukip should be posted missing, but … Continue reading

England needs a long holiday from David Cameron ?

England needs a long holiday from David Cameron ?   The Prime Minister and wife Samantha were shown in officially approved photogaphs enjoying a coffee at a cafe on the Spanish island after flying out yesterday. Mr Cameron has been accompanied by a small team of key staff and is being kept up-to-date on developments … Continue reading

Are Conservatives really swivel eyed loons ?

Conservatives - Swivel Eyed Loons in Medway

Lord Feldman, the Conservative co-chairman, is to be challenged at a meeting of the party board on Monday over allegations that he made disparaging remarks about Tory grassroots activists. As the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, led a cabinet fightback on behalf of Feldman, who denies having described activists as “mad, swivel-eyed loons”, a member of … Continue reading

English Democrat Chris Beverley on UKIP and Englishness

Chris Beverley - English Democrats

English Democrat Chris Beverley on UKIP and Englishness Original Article Last week’s election results – some reasons to feel good To avoid losing each other, UKIP counting agents now wear hi-vis jackets to election counts  Last week’s local election results, and in particular the votes achieved by UKIP, will no doubt have left some people … Continue reading

Conservative moles multiply in UKIP

Conservative moles multiply in UKIP Dr. Eric Edmond’s Blog Original Article I was voted onto UKIP’s NEC by ordinary UKIP members and voted off by Farage’s sycophants acting on Farage’s instructions using a dodgy dossier prepared by Tory mole Bannerman who has now admitted his devotion to David Cameron. The sycophants always lie that I … Continue reading