UKIP Demand Image of UKIP Candidate to be “taken down” off the Internet as UKIP “run scared” of the English Democrats

UKIP Demand Image of UKIP Candidate to be “taken down” off  the Internet as UKIP “run scared” of the English Democrats English Democrats have received a phone call from a lady who claimed to be a photographer, but also a supporter of UKIP She said that she owned the “Image” of their Erith & Thamesmead … Continue reading

Harlow Parliamentary Constituency Candidates

Harlow Parliamentary Constituency Candidates The seat has been a bellwether since the result in 1983. Included are above county-average levels of social housing, underemployment and unemployment as at the 2001 census and the associated 2000 Index of Multiple Deprivation however the new town has brought growth sustained in part by more commuting with an increasingly-used … Continue reading

Brentwood & Ongar Parliamentary Constituency Candidates

Brentwood & Ongar Parliamentary Constituency Candidates Created in 1974, the seat has been held by the incumbent, “Fat Man”  Eric Pickles, since the General Election in 1992. The Liberal Democrats amassed their largest share of the vote in 1992 (including results for their two predecessor parties). At the 2010 election their candidate was second-placed with … Continue reading

Monmouth Parliamentary Constituency Candidates

Monmouth Parliamentary Constituency Candidates Straight Choice in Monmouth – English or Welsh ? It’s a straight choice in Monmouth, when one considers that the United Kingdom is likely to be dissolved in the next 10 years. If you wish Monmouth to be part of England Vote – English Democrats If you wish Monmouth to be … Continue reading

Sheffield Hallam Parliamentary Candidates (South Yorkshire)

Sheffield Hallam Parliamentary Candidates (South Yorkshire)  

Erith & Thamesmead Parliamentary Candidates (South East London/Kent)

Erith & Thamesmead Parliamentary Candidates (South East London/Kent) Erith and Thamesmead is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament by Teresa Pearce of the Labour Party (UK). It covers the areas of Erith and Thamesmead in the southeast of Outer London by the River Thames near the border of Greater … Continue reading

British UKIP, Nigel Farage and the Dunce Hat or Dunce Cap

This post is about hats. However, the story we want to tell is not about a specifically womens hat. In addition, it’s  pretty much non-existent nowadays except in books and movies and the UK Islamic Party, however at one point they were a basic part of school discipline. We’re talking about what  was known as a Dunce Hat … Continue reading

English Democrats Campaign for the 2014 EU Elections reaching 500k + per week

English Democrats Campaign for the 2014 EU Elections reaching 500k + per week English Passport understands that the English Democrats Social Media Campaign is really moving up the gears after 13 weeks. The Campaign pages now boast collectively just short of 100k Likes and the largest Campaign Page “English & Proud” is regularly achieving a … Continue reading

6ft 5 – Transsexual? Lesbian? “Extremist” – who calls others extreme ? Meet MEP Nikki Sinclaire

NIKKI SINCLAIRE MEP – DEVIOUS, DISHONOURABLE AND HYPOCRITICAL?                   NIKKI SINCLAIRE MEP – DEVIOUS, DISHONOURABLE AND HYPOCRITICAL? One of the “interesting” issues that arose over the on/off affair of Mike Nattrass was that the UKIP defector, Nikki Sinclaire MEP, issued a press release and blog item attacking the English Democrats in wild and … Continue reading

UKIPs Nigel Farage laughs at himself over plane crash

UKIP Nigel Farage Laughs at himself

Nigel Farage’s plane crash caused by EU rules on towing banners, claim UKIP   After UKIP leader Nigel Farage crashed his light aircraft into an airfield, a UKIP spokesperson has made it clear that the plane was only able to haul the banner which caused the crash across the sky, thanks to rules made by … Continue reading