David Cameron’s “Sick, Sick” message to the muslims of Saudi Arabia

David Cameron the Conservative Clown

BBC EU Elections – Party-by-Party Guide (CLICK on picture below to go to the BBC Website for ALL parties)

BBC Politics Europe

Merry Christmas from all of us at English Passport

Merry Christmas - English Passport

Unconfirmed reports – Nigel Farage has left his wheel chair (British UKIP)

NF the Nigel Farage Party

British UKIP believe “it is racist to display your English Identity”

UKIP The Living Dead

British UKIP – Reject English Parliament

Bigot Paul Nuttal of UKIP

The United Kingdom is Breaking UP !

The Union it is breaking up

Anti-English FACTS about British UKIP

UKIP Split

British UKIP getting cosy with British Muslims

UKIP British NOT English

If elected British UKIP will defect and join the British Conservative & Unionist Party ?